Taking Care of Others

Apparently, according to the lecture I received from my very awesome and truly good-hearted eye doctor yesterday, I spend so much time taking care of others that I am neglecting to take care of myself.  Also apparently, that nasty red-eye business I’ve been dealing with for over two weeks now should have been dealt with much sooner, because it’s neither allergies nor a scratch nor anything else so easily taken care of.  Yay.  (Major sarcasm in use there.)
Now, had the symptoms I’m dealing with (itchy eye, redness, loss of vision, goop, pain, sensitivity to light and air) appeared in any one of my children, I would have gotten them to the eye doctor immediately.  Well, okay at least WAY sooner than I hauled my own sorry butt into the doctor.  We might have given it a day or so to see if it was allergies or something, but we definitely wouldn’t have waited TWO. WHOLE. WEEKS!  (And that’s exactly how my eye doctor said it…sort of with a tone of awe and disapproval all mixed together.)
So, if it’s not allergies and it’s not a scratch, what pray tell, could it be?  Allow me to enlighten you.  I have an anoxic corneal ulcer, which is making my eye very angry.  To drive the seriousness of this situation home, my doctor told me that he’d recently had a patient present with the very same issue, and he ended up losing vision entirely in the affected eye.  Well crap.
I was really just hoping for some eye drops or something.
Instead, when my vision was tested WITH my glasses on, my left eye only read at 20/80.  Not good at all.  I pretty much can’t see anything out of my left eye, and had I checked this situation out sooner, it probably wouldn’t be this bad.  Well crap (again).
This angry little ulcer is pretty far along in its path of destruction, but my doctor is hopeful that with aggressive and diligent care, we can get my eye back to a healthy state.  But I have learned a very important lesson (the hard way).  It’s something I’ve known, but not really had demonstrated in my life.  It’s important to keep yourself healthy in order to take care of others.
Believe me, these last few days living life as a cyclops have not been fun, and seeing the world through a smoky haze makes me less than productive (and slightly grumpy).   Boy, have I been knocked down a peg or two and taught a lesson about what it means to maintain good health…and that includes eye health!
Oh, and I did get some eye drops.  Lots of ‘em.  And they BURN!  And I get to take about 90 days of a pretty potent medicine to stave off what’s trying to grow in my eye.  Awesome.  I don’t plan on letting this happen again, but if you see me in the near future, try to pretend that I’m not winking incessantly at you, k?

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