This word sucks.  It literally sucks the life right out of you.  It takes away your motivation and your drive to push forward and move past your roadblocks.  It’s a terrible word, and I am hereby demanding that Mr. Webster or whoever is responsible for placing it in the dictionary remove it immediately.
What I Could (Very Easily!) Sound Like…If I Wanted to Focus on My Shortcomings
  • I can’t do a muscle up.  (Ummm, suck it up, Buttercup.  Scale it and get better.)
  • I can’t do double unders.  (So what?!  Keep trying, and in the meantime do a crap-ton of single unders.
  • I can’t do a pull-up.  (You are closer than you were a few months ago.  Stronger is stronger.  Period.  It takes time.  Shut up and practice.)
  • I can’t run fast.  (Moving your feet at ALL is faster than sitting on your ass.  Get up and move.)
  • I can’t box jump very high.  (Jump as high as you can, and then take a chance.  Practice.  Scrape your shins a little.  You’ll get there.)

What I Am Very Capable of Sounding Like Every Single Damn Day
(Or…Things That Make Me Smile Every Damn Day)
  • I can walk.  I can run.  I am healthy enough to GET MOVING.
  • I can do as many single unders as my coach tells me to do.  (He may have to yell.  But I CAN do them.)
  • I can lift heavy weight.  It gets heavier every week.
  • I can build muscle and burn fat and feel healthy and strong.
  • I can use all the tools I am lucky enough to have—great coaches, great friends, great workout facilities!
  • I can deadlift and press and clean and squat.
  • I can now FINALLY do a push-up on my toes and NOT from my knees.
  • I can control what I stuff into my face.  (This is new…just now figuring this out, so if you see me with a french fry, kindly conduct an immediate intervention and smack it out of my hands.)

I don’t know about you, but the list of CANs in my life sure makes me a lot happier than the list of CAN’Ts.

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