Trifecta of Awesome

The thing about making yourself better is that no one else can do it for you.  It’s hard.  It can take a really long time.  It can be brutal, backbreaking work.   It makes you sweaty and stinky.  But all that aside, you still have to do it yourself.
With that said, there can certainly be people along the way who play a huge role in guiding you in the right direction or maybe planting flashing neon signs that say ‘This Way, Oh-Slowest-of-Learners’ in your path so that you have an idea of which way to turn.  It just so happens that on this CrossFit journey, I have been lucky enough to have a lot of those people placed in my path.
Today’s enlightenment is brought to you courtesy of Coaches Carl, Justin, and Blake.  They may not know exactly what they have done, but THEY, my friends, are the Trifecta of Awesome.  If you would like to experience the AWESOME for yourself, you could step into the hallowed halls of CrossFit Cerberus, but in case you choose not to, I’ma gonna tell you about what I realized this week.
It’s simple really.  I work too hard to eat crap.  (I know.  Let the universe be aware of my newfound knowledge.  It is powerful.)
Here’s how I came to this sudden conclusion.  It was like a little train wreck in my mind, actually—something Carl told me would happen at some point.  “When you are ready for it to happen, Young Grasshopper…”  or something like that.  He told me at some point I would realize I was putting WAY too much energy into this whole CrossFit thing to not focus on making my nutrition better.  At the time, I’m pretty sure he may have sounded like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoon episodes, not because I didn’t want to pay attention, but because I wasn’t READY.
Any-hoo.  Fast forward.  Enter Coach Blake.  He may as well have taken away Christmas and my birthday when he forwarded me a little gem of an article on facebook about the evils of Diet Coke and how it is destroying my body from the inside out and slowly allowing zombies to take over our planet.  Or something like that.  Anyway, it wasn’t good.  But it was one of those things that made me go ‘hmmmm.’
And then there’s Coach Justin, who during the very same week told me I needed to follow Crossfitters Eat  to Perform on facebook.  (What is up with this facebook think all up on the internets?)  So I started following that.  And pretty much read until I couldn’t read any more.  And their stuff is cool.  Really cool.  Damn…I felt inspiration coming on.
And finally there is Coach Carl who has imparted more wisdom than my little pea brain can possibly absorb, but let’s for a moment just focus on my squat.  For months Carl has been working with me to get my knees out on my squat.  Now, Carl is WAY too nice to actually tell me this unless I wordsmith it myself, but he did nod ascent when I mentioned that any significant load-bearing squat leaves me squatting like a little girl who is trying to tinkle in the woods—knees together, butt up in the air.  In the gym, this is not a good squat position.  In the woods—if I’m afraid a grasshopper might land on my ass—it’s a great squat position.  My enlightenment here is that this must be improved posthaste.
Hence, the trifecta of awesome has struck.  Three great coaches.  Three inspiring things all at once.
So I’ve gone and done it.  I’ve cooked an entire week’s worth of paleo food.  Real food!  And all the information that should have my head spinning instead has me super-excited to really be real this time—committed and improved.  (Notice I’m not committing to perfection because that would be crazy talk!)
And if any one of y’all offers me a candy bar or a sandwich, I might have to give you a smackdown. 

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