Tribute WOD

Today’s WOD wasn’t for ourselves.  It wasn’t for the sole purpose of beating up our bodies and seeing how far we could push ourselves just because.  We did it in honor of every hero who fell on 9/11—and for that reason, this workout is built to be one of the toughest workouts we do.  And it didn’t fall short.  I speak for myself when I say lungs were burning, muscles were screaming, and sweat was pouring, but I’m pretty sure all of my fellow WOD warriors would agree that not a single one of us thought of stopping.
Here’s what we did:
1-mile run
11 box jumps
11 thrusters (85 lbs. for ladies)
11 burpee chest-to-bar pull-ups
11 power cleans (120 lbs. for ladies)
11 handstand push-ups
11 kettlebell swings (50 lbs.)
11 toes-to-bar
11 deadlifts (120 lbs.)
11 push jerks
1-mile run
Here’s why we did it:

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