Nerd Challenge

In an effort to be a better, more well-read bridge troll-slash-nerd, I have come up with a self-challenge, and I’m tossing it out there for my fellow nerds to either join in or at least hold me accountable.  Here it is.
The Challenge:
Read 26 Books
The Rules:
  1. Read one book for every letter of the alphabet (alphabetically, by author’s last name).
  2. You must go in order, starting with the letter A.
  3. You must read books by authors you have not read.  (We’re branching out, fellow nerds!)
  4. Books can be old or new, doesn’t matter.  Literary works of genius or not…you choose.  The only catch is if you read something outstanding, you have to share it with fellow nerds so that we, too, may bask in the written wonder you have discovered.
  5. Genre is your choice.

Oh yeah, you may run across some doozies in your reading.  No major writer bashing allowed.  We all put ourselves out there, and our styles differ.   Critiques = good.  Bashing = bad.

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