Mind = Blown

Oh Mah Gawd, you guys, I don’t even know how to tell you this.  To begin, those of you who know and love me…ok, those of you who know me KNOW how tech-savvy I am, right?
Well, did you even KNOW that you can get the pictures off of your phone and put them onto your computer.  You know, like it’s a REAL camera?  I had no idea.
Let’s rewind.  I’ve been complaining about my phone for about…hmmm…ever.  Anyway, I keep running out of space, so I kept deleting pictures, because I thought I just had to get rid of them.  I thought it was like a little Etch-a-Sketch.  You know, when the screen gets full, you have to shake it and get rid of the amazing piece of artwork you just drew so that you can draw another one.  That’s crap, right?  Well, that’s what I thought!
Did you know that the little box thingie on the end of your phone cord (at least on my iphone stuff) comes OFF so that you can attach your phone to your computer?  (I’m pretty sure my children would be mortified to know that I’m just now figuring this out, so you guys cover for me, ok?)
And then, your uber-smart computer simply asks you if you would like to move the photos from your phone.  Hell to the yes, I would!
So, for any of you who may have thought I dropped off the face of the planet in the past two years, here’s a brief synopsis—in pictures—of what’s been going on:
Jordan loves his bike!
Cute boys being ‘best brothers.’
We rode an old wooden roller coaster by the ocean–last year.
Random tipis we saw while in California.  Jason thinks I’m weird for taking this photo.  He’s right.
Last Christmas.  Clearly, we are all weird.
Snow dog.  Cute, but he never stops barking.  (You guessed it…last year.)
If you are upside down, you are automatically having fun.  Upside down people are awesome.
This kid is an odd one.  Probably why she’s the inspiration for one of my main book characters.  Odd is awesome.
Chop Chop and Mario.  Woo Hoo!  It’s 2013.  See, you’re all caught up.
Technology is so great.  I’m off to the second day of the MOSCBWI conference.  Who knows what I’ll learn today?  It’s a writing thing, so probably no techie stuff, but I’ll probably be super inspired!

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