A Profound Conversation

And thus went the conversation between Jason and me.  Experience the profoundness:
Him:  I bet Batman gets it all the time.
Me:  (snorting) Huh?
Him:  I mean, with that suit and those skills, you KNOW he gets it every day.
Me:  (rolling eyes) NO he doesn’t.
Him:  Of course he does.  He’s a superhero.  And he has a cape.  Done deal.
Me:  Doesn’t matter.  He still doesn’t get it every day.  That’s ridiculous.
Him:  It wouldn’t even have to be the same girl.  They probably line up for him.  He is Bruce Freaking Wayne.
Me:  He may be Bruce Freaking Wayne, but that suit makes his balls smell.
Him:  So what?  Does that even matter?
Me:  Hell yeah, it matters.
Him:  Well, what about Superman?
Me:  Nope, he runs around in his underwear.  Not even close to getting it every day.
Him:  No way you are telling me Spidey and Thor and all those guys are NOT getting it all the time.
Me:  Wait just a minute.  You never said anything about Thor.  That’s different.  He’s in a totally different league.  Thor totally gets it whenever he wants.
Him:  You are crazy.
The moral of the story is that I may be in-freaking-sane, BUT show me a dude who’s chiseled and tossing around that hammer, and I’m just sayin’ I’m stayin’ for the party.  Also, Batman is NOT getting it every day, and that heavy-assed suit can in NO WAY be odor resistant.

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