Fart Island

Life on Fart Island is good.  It’s a magical place, really—a place where 7-year-old boys can make blanket forts out of poofy blankets squired from their parents’ bedroom, a place where Legos come to life to form magnificent towns filled with dragon-slaying man-beasts that drive square-wheeled wagons, a place where smuggled Dorito crumbs mingle with discarded socks.
Fart Island is OFF LIMITS to:
  • Girls
  • Rules
  • Homework
  • Timeouts
  • General Seriousness

You should know that Fart Island is a real place.  Do not discount the existence of Fart Island, lest you be forced to face the wrath of the Kings of Fart Island, who just so happen to be quite ruthless in doling out whatever punishments they deem fit.  (The punishment is likely, however, to be farting.  Just giving you a fair warning.)
The thing is, Fart Island is the bed in Jadon’s room.  And only the boys are allowed on the island, except at bedtime, when parents are invited onto the island to tuck stinky, unruly little boys snugly into the poofy tent-covers they have pilfered from around the house.
It is a giggly place where stories are told and tickles are abundant.  So if ever you are invited onto Fart Island, it IS indeed an honor.   But be warned, there WILL be giggles and stink bombs aimed your way.Not many are allowed to tread there. 
I should point out that the parents of this particular realm did not come up with the concept of Fart Island.  We probably would have named it the Book Boat (or some other dorky alliterated name), but since we are dealing with 7-year-old boys, and their universe seems to consist of farts, burps, and loose teeth right now, I’m not too surprised that we ended up with an island named after their favorite bodily function.
I hope that you, too, someday have a Fart Island—or something like it.  Because it’s magical.  It’s where we spend a few special (albeit sometimes stinky) minutes before bedtime getting to chat about our day and just giggle for a few minutes.

And maybe sometime, when someone asks what we’re up to, I can just say, “Eh, we’re just going to home and hang out on Fart Island.”  Because that’s just how we roll.

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