I’ve been schooled.  Or enlightened.  Or whatever you want to call it.  The fact is, I just got TOLD.
This morning, while dropping the boys off at school, I did my usually huggy-kissy-mom-thing, and Jadon asked, “Mom, when’s Dad coming back?”
I answered, “Well, he’s out of town until Thursday.  Why?”
And he said, “You aren’t supposed to be hugging me and kissing me and telling me you are gonna miss me RIGHT HERE IN THE CAFETERIA IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.”
Oh.  Well then.
All he was missing was the eye roll, and he could have totally passed for a disgruntled teenager.  Except he’s SEVEN, and I am supposed to do all the huggy-kissy-mom-stuffstill.
I shared my plight with my husband, who quickly informed me, “You’re doing it wrong.”
He continued explaining, “I give one quick hug in the gym—BEFORE we are in front of other people.  Geez, why are you embarrassing the kid?

And now I shall pack up my mom-slobbers and try to see through my tears to find my way to a hollowed-out tree deep in the woods where I can live a lonely existence, storing up all my embarrassing mom things and bestowing them only on stray squirrels who happen to pass by.  Sniff.

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