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Welcome to My Blog!

I’ve done it. I’ve decided to break down and join the blogging craze. I have to say, I have tried this before, but this time it will be different. I will be disciplined with my writing. I will be dedicated. (Uh huh…same thing I tell myself when I go on a diet.)

After an initial blogging failure, mostly due to technological brain-freezes on my part, I’ve decided to give it another go. I can teach myself to do this. People everyday learn to do new things, and really, I’m not that out of touch.

Also, I’ve recently been inspired by a visiting speaker who visited us at work and talked about blogging.

Mostly, I want a way to remember and record day-to-day things that I’m sure I’ll eventually store in the cobweb-ridden back portions of my brain, and then one day, when asked to recall events, I will be unable to extract them.

As for the title, again, inspiration. This time my inspiration comes from the two newest additions to our family, our two toddlers from Guatemala. One particularly exhausing day, after lugging them around to take care of several errands, I arrived home only to realize that I had a bit of an uncomfortable, itchy sensation…yes, in my bra. Turns out, one of them (or both) had decided that my cleavage would be an excellent storage facility for their Cheerios. Great idea, except that after running around all day holding two wiggling and energetic toddlers, the Cheerios had become a bit soggy and stuck to my boobs, thus the itching sensation.

It was at this moment that I was reminded of the very unglamorous part of motherhood. Unglamorous, yes…but also very fulfilling. So, now I’m embracing the fact that my bra is a Cheerio-holder, my socks sometimes don’t match, and most probably my t-shirt is wrinkled and covered with some sort of toddler goo. I’m embracing the goo and learning to accept the fact that my hair is always in some sort of half ponytail propped on top of my head. But it’s ok because that look goes nicely with the daily sweatpants and mismatched socks.

To my older kids, who are most likely embarrased at my appearance and the fact that I now spend several moments during the day extracting food items from my bra, I say, “I love you, and I’m sure I looked like this when you were toddlers, too!”